Treehouse Capital LLC is a personal investment vehicle founded by Rob Majteles. Treehouse’s portfolio includes private and public technology companies, passive and active investments, and investment funds.  Mr. Majteles often serves as an active and involved board member for the companies in Treehouse’s portfolio. Mr. Majteles is also an investor in and an advisor to Backstage Capital and is an operating partner with Oak Investment Partners, a venture capital firm.

Mr. Majteles seeks to be invited into great opportunities to add value as a board member utilizing his experiences as a chief executive officer, where he succeeded twice in generating superior returns for his shareholders and failing once, and his experiences as an investor and as an active board member of public and private companies.

The primary focus for Mr. Majteles on the boards of companies in Treehouse’s portfolio is to embrace and extend the teams leading those companies as they work to scale strategy and operations. Mr. Majteles has extensive public board experience serving and chairing full boards as well as serving and chairing all board committees: Audit, compensation, and nominating and governance. He also has extensive private company board experience for both start-ups and later-stage companies, serving as both chairman of these boards as well as serving and chairing all relevant committees. In all cases, Mr. Majteles’ goal is to be an active and involved board member and to add value to the teams involved in any way possible. Mr. Majteles pursues board of director and fund advisory responsibilities primarily in order to create investment deal flow, insight, and investment opportunities for Treehouse, in addition to earning the appropriate “sweat economics” for taking on these responsibilities.

In addition, to Mr. Majteles’ entrepreneurial, investing and board activities, he has been a frequent guest speaker and lecturer at a variety of business and law schools and at a wide array of industry conferences. Mr. Majteles has also been an investment banker and a mergers & acquisitions attorney. Mr. Majteles received a law degree from Stanford University in 1989 and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia University in 1986. He lives with his wife, Pamela, who works for Emerge California, and their three children in the Bay Area of Northern California.


Mr. Majteles has served as an active and involved board member of, and an investor in, a variety of public and private companies.  These companies have included, among others, Rightside Group, Ltd. (NASDAQ: NAME) until the Company’s acquisition by Donuts Inc.; Greystripe, a venture backed rich media mobile ad network where Mr. Majteles served as chairman until the Company’s acquisition by ValueClick (NASDAQ: VCLK); Macrovision, now Rovi, where Mr. Majteles served and chaired a variety of board committees (NASDAQ: ROVI); and Milyoni, a venture backed social video platform where Mr. Majteles served as chairman until the Company’s acquisition by Photobucket.  


Mr. Majteles was the chief executive officer of three technology companies, succeeding twice in generating superior investment returns for his shareholders and failing once. Mr. Majteles was the leader of executive teams that turned around CAMAX Systems, Inc (a privately-held developer of mechanical CAD/CAM software) and ULTRADATA Corporation (a publicly-traded developer of banking software) from near ruin and both companies were ultimately sold to great shareholder benefit to larger, strategic buyers. Mr. Majteles was also the chief executive officer of Citadon, Inc, a leading B2B company focused on the construction and heavy engineering marketplace.